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First: I didnt like the exclusion of pink sheets. Bad.
Second: Your market price updates are far from real time and unusable to conduct trades.
Third: How can it be that tradegate is offline or doestn accept orders. I am in the middle of an earnings call for a slumping stock and there is nothing I can do to wipe the stop loss from earlier this day. Requiring me to stay up late to kill the old order and re-set the order.

This entire platform is bozos. You should have clearly communicated to your clients that you are no longer satisfying basic demands for short term position adoptions and are completely unusable for reacting to market trends.



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Dear @xxxdef,


thank you very much for your feedback and request. We regret that we have to inform you that we cannot communicate with you in English. 

As a bank in Germany serving mainly German customers, all our documents containing contracts, terms and conditions as well as statutorily required information for customers are in German language. German is therefore the language of our relationship. It is our understanding that our customers have sufficient command of the German language to understand all documents, and for legal reasons we have to secure that relevant information is given to our customers in German. As a consequence, we have decided to only use German for all forms of communication. We may therefore kindly ask you to send us your question in German. Thank you for your understanding.


Best regards


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Hello xxxdef,


for trading I propose to use the Active Trader Software, which you'll find in the menue Wertpapierhandel at the bottom of column Depot & Software, where you should select "Mehr >". This opens a new page, where you'll find three columns. In the midle is column Trading. Please click on Trading Software there on the bottom. Then you'll find the Active Trader Software.

As the consorsbank requires to use the German language, I suggest you to write further questions into the google translator or bing translator or similar as whole sentences in English (input language) and select German as output language. Then you can copy the translation into the submit field of the CB community.

If you are not sure if the translation is correct (the translators are not perfect !) you may copy the translation and paste to the input field to translate from German to English. This is for verification. In order to get more sure, it's an idea to use a different translator for the verification.


Best regards,


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Hello @Global_Investor,

vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort und den Hinweis, dass wir in dieser Community in deutscher Sprache kommunizieren.

Liebe Grüße

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