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Some critics..

Hi there,

Some fast feedback:

The page is really too fancy, I feel like reading some teenager blog, weird feeling.

Where is the english option? You are an internationnal bank, it would cost you nothing.

you are sending way too many post mail for an "online bank".





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Betreff: Some critics..

[ Bearbeitet ]

Dear @JFC,
thank you very much for your feedback and request. We regret that we have to inform you that we cannot communicate with you in English. 
As a bank in Germany serving mainly German customers, all our documents containing contracts, terms and conditions as well as statutorily required information for customers are in German language. German is therefore the language of our relationship. It is our understanding that our customers have sufficient command of the German language to understand all documents, and for legal reasons we have to secure that relevant information is given to our customers in German. As a consequence, we have decided to only use German for all forms of communication. We may therefore kindly ask you to send us your question in German. Thank you for your understanding.
Best regards, 
Community Moderator