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Carl Data Solutions

Dem kanadischen small cap Carl Data Solutions gelingt heute ein 30%-iger Kurssprung. Das Unternehmen bietet mE sehr zukunftsfähige Services im Bereich Big Data und Datenanalyse an. Aus einer heutigen Pressemeldung:


"Carl Data Solutions Inc. is an Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) company that provides next generation collection, storage and analytics solutions for data-centric organizations. Carl, through its subsidiaries Astra Smart Systems and FlowWorks Inc, helps clients analyze and model environmental data through a powerful end-to-end network of custom sensor arrays combined with SaaS based monitoring, reporting, and predictive modelling applications.


Carl Data works with new cloud-based mass storage services and machine learning (AI) analytical tools to provide the scalability required to effectively monitor very large amounts of data collected by both government and industry. The software suite saves clients time and money by aggregating information from any sensor or source to create a real-time decision support system with deep insights into how to protect infrastructure and assets. More information can be found at" Quelle


Entdeckt habe ich die Aktie übrigens vor einiger Zeit auf, die dazu eine ganze Menge interessanter Infos zusammengetragen haben: Klick